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Sunday Afternoon with the Arts


September 14, 2016


Dear Principal/Art Department,

We’re back!  The Annual Sunday Afternoon with the Arts is back bigger and better than ever for its 12th season.  The Artists Guild of Northwest Florida is extending our event for an additional week, with expanded hours this year. We will “kick off” with a reception Sunday, November 6, 2016, at the Chipola Cultural Center. Then, for the next two weeks, November 7th – 18th the event will be open for public viewing at the Cultural Center.

But here’s the good news. This year we are extending an invitation to your school to send a bus load of children…the expense is on us. Send your honor students, or your art students, or any student you wish, just fill up the bus. All you have to do is plan the field trip and let us know the date we can expect your students to arrive.  And remember, we’ll pick up the tab.

I know you will want to take advantage of this invitation. As an educator, you know the value of the arts. Whether it’s writing a book, painting a picture, playing an instrument, or fine craft art like knitting or crochet, your students can benefit from the self-confidence and self-expression art provides.

Sunday Afternoon with the Arts allows your students to experience the Arts, an opportunity they may not otherwise have. The exhibit will feature an array of artwork from artists throughout the region. Docents from Chipola College will be available to answer any questions the young people may have. Who knows, this may spark an interest in your student to pursue a career in one of the arts. They may be destined to be the next Maya Angelou, and write literary poetry that stirs the heart, or Pablo Picasso, whose paintings inspire the imagination, or perhaps, the next pop star like Michael Jackson. But first, the seed must be planted. Through The Artists Guild, our programs and ongoing education throughout the year, that seed can take root and grow.

The Artists Guild of Northwest Florida is excited about the 12th Annual Sunday Afternoon with the Arts. Most of all, we look forward to opening the world of Art and Culture to your students.

Studies show that Art/Culture increases a sense of self-esteem, promotes diversity, and enhances the ability to communicate and work with others.

Please accept our invitation on behalf of your students. RSVP by October 14, 2016, to Karen Evans Talley at 850-6930770 or

Thank you. We look forward to seeing you, and your students for this year’s Sunday Afternoon with the Arts November 6th -18th.




The Artists Guild of Northwest Florida


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