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Fundraising letters are an excellent product to include in your end of the year fundraising ideas. And it’s not too early to start. What better way to raise money than a professional fundraising letter?

Southern Yankee Communications will write a compelling letter to send to your current mailing list of supporters and prospective donors. Send it to ANYONE and EVERYONE, friends, neighbors, grandma, and grandpa. Well, you get the idea.

Choose one item the nonprofit needs. Perhaps, the annual medical cost for pets if you are an animal shelter, computers if you are a school, or maybe books, if you are a daycare.  Focus the letter on that particular item and use stories and pictures. Everyone loves stories and pictures speak a thousand words.  A pet shelter would include a cute photo of a kitten or puppy (see pictures below.) Who could resist the sweet little face of a dog or kitten? And a day care may use a picture of an adorable child.


My grandson Nate.

I rest my case!

tootsie and max

My babies, Max and Tootsie.


For a nominal fee of $200.00, you can get a professional fundraising letter. That’s a great deal considering there is no copyright on the letter; you own it; you can use the letter multiple times. It pays for itself the first time you mail it. And the next time you send it out –  the profit is all yours

Throw in a “freebie” and boost the revenue.  Any small item will increase giving. Use calendars, magnets, mouse pads, or chip clips. The cost is minimal for the potential return in $$$$’s. Think about how excited you are to receive a ‘gift’ in the mail. Anything you can easily stick in an envelope will work.

You can use different levels of giving like give $100.00 or more and get (fill in the blank) and over $500.00 you get (fill in the blank) The value of the item needs to match the giving amount.  In other words, if they give $500 or $1000.00, you may have to think bigger than a key ring.


CHRISTMAS IS COMING! This is an EXCELLENT time to ACT. People are more inclined to donate around the holidays. We all get in the spirit of giving, at that time of year.

Start the New Year with more coins in the coffer and bucks in the bank. Okay, I’m out of alliterations. But you get the point.

ONE MORE THING! If you act by September 15th, I will give your nonprofit organization a 20% discount. That’s a savings of $20.00 off the regular price.

 So, for $180.00 you can get a professionally written fundraising letter. You own it! You can use over and over. 

Why are you waiting? Contact Southern Yankee Communications before September 15th to lock in your 20% discount. Call 850-693-0770 or email TODAY!

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