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Why network to grwo your business? Where do I begin? Let’s take a look at that now.

One way is attending meetings, conferences, seminars and social events in your area of interest. That will give your business exposure to the community and your geographic region.  People have been using this method for years, and it works.

Network in the Community

The Chamber of Conference offers many opportunities for business owners. As a benefit for your paid membership, they may allow you to insert a flyer in their newsletter. They may invite you to speak at a meeting and introduce your business.

By joining their organization and taking advantage of the benefits your name and business will be in front of many potential prospects.

There are other organizations such as Altrusa and Kiwanis clubs or ladies groups to consider. Anytime you have the opportunity to pass out business cards and give a 5-minute introduction to people; it’s a win for you.

All of these are excellent ways to you grow your business, and they work.

21st-Century Networking

There are so many new and exciting ways to find clients for your business. I like to call it “networking 2.0,” or “21st-century networking.”

Everyone is on social media today. People from 9-90 are connecting on the internet. You have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked In, Pinterest, and UTube, and you can’t forget about blogging.  There is a host of ways to find clients and market your business online.


What’s Your Brand?

Develop Your Brand

Your brand represents YOU. It’s your name, your talent and the person you are that ultimately becomes your brand.

Make sure people can find you. Whether it’s on the internet or in the community, seize opportunities to put your name and business out there.

Stay current on things that are happening in the business world, especially in your niche. Subscribing to newsletters is a good way to stay informed.

Network on theWeb

Create a personal website and share relevant content. Keep it fresh by updating your site at least once a week.

Increase your web traffic by generating mailing lists. Offer a monthly newsletter or free downloads. People love it when you give them something tangible.

Invite them to comment on posts or surveys and respond to their comments. They will keep coming back.

Don’t be shy. Promote yourself and your business on the website.

In Closing

Growing your business has never been easier than it is today. There are countless ways to connect with clients, find potential prospects and build your brand.

The sky is the limit the only thing stopping you is YOU.


Have a Comment?

How do your grow your business? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Leave a comment below.  


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