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Researching Grants


Research is the most important first step to grant writing.

I was recently researching grants to present to potential clients.  In a matter of a couple hours, I found ten grants in the category of Arts/Culture, seven in Animal Welfare and one in Civic/Community. They were all foundation funders and a good fit for each client’s’ mission.

My point is, there are hundreds of thousands of grants in different categories. The key is knowing where to look. Research can be a tedious process and takes a fair amount of patience.

Money is available from several different sources. Private foundations, corporations, local, state and government agencies all have money to give.

When you find a funder that is a good fit for your organization, enter… grant writer. The grant writer has two primary responsibilities:

  • To link an organization that has a need (e.g., animal shelter that needs to expand their spay/neuter program) to a funder who has money to give (e.g., Foundation, corporation, etc., that shares their interest in Animal Welfare.)
  • Once a funder is identified, write and submit a grant proposal on behalf of the organization requesting funding.

The best place to start is doing a google search for “grants or grant funding.” Your search results will direct you to funders that have money to give. For a more refined search, include the topic in the search, e.g., animal welfare or arts and culture grants.

There are also companies like and that have databases with thousands of sources willing to fund your project. These, however, do charge a fee for this service. Something else you can do is sign up for newsletters which will alert you when new funding becomes available.

So, go forth and search. There is a funder waiting just for you to submit your winning proposal, and fund your organization.






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