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A Winning Donation Page

These are the days of social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and a host of others. You cannot afford to miss an opportunity to get the name and mission of your organization in front of the public.

The small amount of time it takes to join social media sites could pay off big for your nonprofit in the future.  By promoting your website through social media, you can increase awareness of your cause.

The best case scenario is someone reads your Facebook or LinkedIn page and wants more information. They click on your website and like what they see. Now, they’re excited about your cause. They whip out their wallet, ready to give.

This begs the question, what will they see when they click on your donation page? Will it be confusing and give little direction on how to give? Will they have a hard time deciphering your page? If it’s not clear to them on how to proceed…you’ve lost them. They’re gone in a New York minute. People don’t have time or patience to try to figure out your landing page.

The construction of a donation page is vital to online giving. You have one goal – DONATIONS! Make it convenient for people to give. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Keep it short and to the point, no more than one page.
  2. Use as little text as possible on your landing page to communicate your mission, and give a call to action.
  3. Keep the fields to a minimum.
  4. Add a space for recurring gifts.
  5. Provide a string of gift amounts. For example, if your average donation is $30.00, start with a lower amount, e.g., $20.00. Increase in reasonable increments. Provide a blank line so the donor can write in their own amount, if they prefer.
  6. Send a confirmation email with a warm thank-you for their gift

Take advantage of every opportunity to promote your worthy cause. Social media platforms are an excellent way to attract new donors to your nonprofit. Link your accounts to your website. Take the reader to a homepage that communicates the organization’s mission. When they are ready to pull out their credit card and give, send them to a clear, concise landing page. Then sit back and watch your revenue grow.





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