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Year in Review

Last week I gave you plenty of time to look forward to 2016. But you can’t look forward without looking back at what worked for you this year…or what didn’t.

Let’s talk about four simple things a nonprofit can do to increase donations in the upcoming year.

  1. Everyone likes a good story. Be ready with yours when the opportunity presents. Deliver a compelling 30-second “elevator pitch” to potential donors. Tell them your mission, and give a specific example of how your organization helped the community.
  1. No one likes to ask for money, but it’s a necessary evil when you are funding your nonprofit. There are a variety of ways it can be accomplished, (e.g., letters, personal contact, events.) Do it several times during the year.
  1. The magic words are still “thank you.” Write a note within a couple of days of a donation. The donor will remember you and consider giving in the future.
  1. Build a relationship with your donors. Don’t just show up when you want money. Acknowledge birthdays and special events in their life, your kind gestures will be appreciated. Be sincere. Don’t try and manipulate them, they will see right through you. Partner with donors and engage them in your work.

Hire a fundraising coach to help you diversify your approach to fundraising. Consider investing in software to track campaigns, events, and donations. There are excellent programs available. Shop around and find one that meets your needs and your budget.

Happy New Year from Southern Yankee Communications.

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