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Project Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential element when you are submitting a grant proposal to a Foundation/Agency. You need to take it seriously at the beginning of the project.

When you and your grant writer sit down and design your plan program sustainability needs to be addressed.  Funders will want to know what other resources are available to you over the long haul. They want to fund an organization that has more than a one to three-year shelf life.

What other means of support do you have? Are you hosting fundraising events? Perhaps, you have a website presence and people can donate online. Are you on Twitter and Facebook? Maybe you have private sources of donations. All these things matter when you are proving program sustainability. The more you can show them they are making a sound investment in your organization, the more likely they are to fund your project.

Remember this – showing sustainability increases your chances of being funded. 

2 comments on “Project Sustainability

  1. mooredaniel1
    February 14, 2016

    In my experience the sustainability question ends up hinging on a statement that boils down to ‘Trust us, we’ll find the money’. Many programs in charitable organizations will not turn to a fee-based model or a social enterprise one. So it becomes the board or development department’s responsibility to raise additional funds, which isn’t really a sustainability plan, especially if that’s always the answer given. You are right then, there should be a concrete plan for raising new monies, and an honest discussion about that between the finance and development/fundraising team.


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