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Considering Your Grant Project

In last week’s article I mention there are 75,000 foundations willing to fund grant projects. Most organizations, however, look at grants as just a way to get money. They don’t consider their project plan. The grant writer will guide the organization to design a plan that fits the criteria of the funding foundation.

The project has to fit your organization’s mission and be compatible with  the work you are currently doing.  You don’t want to run the risk of obtaining grant money only to lose it because it strays too far from your mission.

Foundations want the best project to fund. Keep these two things in mind if you are considering a grant:

  • Don’t request grants solely on the money
  • Focus on your organization’s mission

Another consideration is how you will sustain the project after the funding period. This is one of the many questions asked on the grant application. Funders wants to know the project will continue after the funding period.

Grant money is very competitive. Your nonprofit organization has  to submit the best possible application.

A professional grant writer can write the grant proposal and increase your chances of receiving funds.

Next week we will talk about some of the other things foundations look for when considering your organization for funding.

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